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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, an asset developed with an innovative technology called blockchain, and that can be spent as a peer. Unlike how a traditional network operates by storing data in a centralized space, blockchain networks are distinguished by being decentralized. Its way of storing the data is on different computers called nodes.

In essence, the Bitcoin network can be called a ledger because it keeps track of all the transactions in this crypto that have been made since its network was launched. There are thousands of nodes that are operated anonymously by anyone, which gives the system invulnerability to attack or censorship. The Bitcoin network is not controlled by anyone, and only through the consensus of the community that makes it up, the software updates are made.
For users of this system to communicate directly, the web pages of exchange houses act as intermediaries. Sometimes with the use of fiat money, clients can buy or sell cryptocurrencies. These sites allow transactions to be completed with an extra layer of security. Change Now offering the highest quality standards for its users, has developed a reliable and fast service. Some of the cryptos that you can choose to make your changes, among more than 200, are Estelar, Monero, Onda, Ethereum, and the inevitable bitcoin price live.
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